Health Cost Containment

The escalating cost of employee health care benefits has been an intractable problem for employers, both public and private, across the United States. Health insurance premiums have grown a cumulative 138% between 1999 and 2010. This compares to cumulative wage growth of 42% over the same period.

HRO Partners helps companies work with their existing benefit consultant/broker to contain health care costs by more effectively employing HR technology and other innovative solutions.

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Some of these best in class solutions include:

Total Compensation Consulting

An Employee Benefit Program is a very important yet often overlooked piece of compensation. HRO Partners can help benchmark, budget, and model programs that can help contain benefit costs over time. Healthcare reform makes this piece of compensation more important than most companies realize and HRO Partners is here to help.

Health Care Cost Management

There are a variety of services HRO Partners can help provide to assist employers in reducing health care costs. Some of these services include:

  • Dependent Verification & Audit Services
  • Increasing Pre-tax Savings
  • Employee Health Plan Choice Employer/Employee Premium Modeling
  • Modeling & Supporting Enhanced Cost Sharing with Employees through Benefit Communication & Enrollment
  • Wellness Plan Consulting, Design and Support
Gap Plan Store TM

On average we can help find between 12-18% savings in health plans employing this strategy. Finding savings in major medical plans during renewal generally involves plan design changes. Employers that make larger changes in their medical plans are shifting additional responsibility to employees for meeting higher deductibles and out of pocket costs. When an employer weighs the higher cost of the medical plan renewal versus the additional burden on employees for meeting higher out of pocket cost, it generally leads to finding a happy medium between the two options.

There are alternative options for providing employees with desirable healthcare coverage by providing a soft landing for employees while taking advantage of additional healthcare savings through more significant plan design changes.

HRO Partners can help design, quote and evaluate these alternative options using gap plans, HRA’s & HSA’s. We can work with your existing health care broker/consultant to evaluate these options.


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